About Me

29 12 2011

My name is Lusi Afriantika, you can call me usi. I’m a first child, I have one young brother. I’m a Moeslimah, because my religy is Islam.

May be you ever had seen me in the other place, hehe. I’m kind hearted, nice person and sweet.

Now, I am not yet Husband or boyfriend. why?cos I am not ready…I ever had been hurt by someone. So, I will try be patient to search husband or boyfriend. But Everything is OK and alright….I still have my friends who loves me.

I am school in Indraprasta PGRI Univercity..you know?in Pasar Rebo – Jakarta, so far right?but I’m happy can be school in there.

Hoping, I wish get everything what I want..

I must keep Spirit for facing the giant. I have Allah, He is always beside me. With ridho Him, I can reach the goal..

Be the best person for my self, family,¬†religious, and country…I hope…

The sholehah girl, the sholehah’s wife, and became a useful human. Amin Ya Robbalamin…




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